Fixing the mess in Texas: lessons to learn about quality in human services! (How to break them, how to fix them)

“Neither the abuse and neglect of children nor the inadequacies of the systems meant to protect them are unique to Texas, and this makes the state’s pursuit of reforms worthy of additional study. As reductions in staff turnover and expected improvements in education and training continue, NPQ readers know exactly what these investments will reveal: Quality workers lead to quality outcomes, and the only way to keep and sustain a quality workforce is to pay and support them adequately—and that requires advocacy from more than just the groups involved.”





From the war on overhead to an eye on the prize: healthy communities!

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Despite many efforts to generate a more reasoned dialogue, there is a continuing and powerful mindset that charities are routinely “wasting money on overhead.” But what if “low overhead” is neutral or even negatively correlated to outcomes?


Lessons to be learned about bad nonprofit breakups!

The ousting of the top executive from a small United Way in Wicomico County, Maryland might not seem newsworthy, but for anyone who has made an investment in a nonprofit organization, be it as staff or volunteer, this story will likely generates a mixture of strong emotions. In covering this messy issue, I hope to share important information about why these types of breakdowns occur, and what steps can be taken to prevent them.