Ontario Budget 2019: Many Headlines, Many Layers!


The first budget from the Doug Ford PC government is an evolving story that proved challenging to cover in 1000 words or less! Let me know what you think of my effort – I encourage you to go beyond the headline (part of the story is that what attracted attention when the budget was first released is not what matters most).


NPQ North: Journalism & Social Finance in Canada’s Budget Cause Controversy

Huge announcement! Nonprofit Quarterly has taken the next step with me to put a bit of a brand on my contributions about Canadian nonprofit news! Here’s the announcement from the top of my latest article – but please read and use the share buttons on the article to help demonstrate that Canadians want their own dedicated source of NPQ news about our charitable sector!

Keenan Wellar is NPQ’s new point correspondent for Canada’s civil sector. He’ll be penning a periodic column called NPQ North to focus on trends and events above the border. Today, Keenan takes on the debates that have emerged around a new structure proposed for journalism organizations—one neither nonprofit nor for-profit.


The Structured Inclusiveness of #RedforEd: A Union Strategy with Staying Power

For my last Nonprofit Quarterly newswire of February, I take a look at how the #REDforED movement has become more inclusive and more focused on social justice issue, part of the explanation of why it is expanding and attracting many new partners for issues of racial injustice, economic equality, and more. There is much more going on here than a “teacher strike” and it just keeps growing!