NPQ North: Canadians Are Anxious—and This Election Campaign Isn’t Helping!

In the latest edition of NPQ North, I attempt an election campaign overview followed by the role of charitable organizations in the election – fears, opportunities, and the need for regulatory changes!

There is just one weekend remaining for Canadians to ponder their choices before going to the polls on Monday, October 21st. Predicting the outcome from the election of 338 Members of Parliament to the House of Commons—and formation of the next Government of Canada—is proving almost as difficult as trying to come up with a narrative for the campaign. It’s not that the election has been uninteresting (there are even indications of high voter turnout but it is proving very difficult to answer the question, “What is the 43rd federal election all about?” More…


Slowing or preventing the death of professional journalism in Canada – the federal Qualified Canadian Journalism Organization tax plan could help – but it’s only part of any successful long term solution (NPQ North, August 4, 2019)

What started out as a source of partisan tension seems to have been largely diffused as a political issue – as in, the Qualified Canadian Journalism Organization tax plan isn’t likely to result in actual or perceived pro-government bias – but it also isn’t going to save professional journalism in Canada. Check out my latest NPQ North to learn about the expert panel’s recommendations, and to explore some of the other options for new models of sustainable media.


NPQ North: Senate of Canada “Roadmap to a Stronger Charitable Sector” mostly points in the right directions – but does anybody care?

It’s been a few weeks since the last NPQ North installment, and you might think a Senate of Canada report is a bit heavy for a summer read, but if you are at all involved or interested in the nonprofit and charitable sector, it’s actually pretty fascinating. You can also start out with my review of the report and see if you feel compelled to read further!

One of the more interesting issues is the status of religious organizations who receive the full tax benefits of charitable status but without the same requirements and oversight as other charities. The Senate report stops short of recommending a change but leaves the door open as well – what do you think?



We have an Accessible Canada Act! Did you notice? What will it mean for the more than 20% of Canadians with disabilities?

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