Lessons to be learned about bad nonprofit breakups!

The ousting of the top executive from a small United Way in Wicomico County, Maryland might not seem newsworthy, but for anyone who has made an investment in a nonprofit organization, be it as staff or volunteer, this story will likely generates a mixture of strong emotions. In covering this messy issue, I hope to share important information about why these types of breakdowns occur, and what steps can be taken to prevent them.



Journey Underway: My First Article!

kwJust hours after I established this blog as a way to notify potential readers of my future publications (as a member of the Nonprofit Quarterly volunteer contributor team) my first article went public!¬†My inaugural topic wasn’t too big of a stretch for me (you’ll see why) but writing for NPQ is all about making connections for the nonprofit community, and taking a deeper dive into issues that can provide insight into the challenges and opportunities that impact organizations and the people and communities they serve.

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