Care about your nonprofit mission? Don’t forget your most important resource!

In my latest Nonprofit Quarterly newswire, I tackle the issue of stagnant nonprofit wages with the help of new data from the 2018 Report on Nonprofit Wages + Benefits in Northern New England.

From the report: “nonprofits—and the funders and donors that care about their missions—must give higher priority to sustain their most important resource: human capital.”



Strategies for fighting homelessness cannot continue to be viewed as something that is “done to people who already have homes”

The day after I participated in the Housing on the Hill event (teaming up with housing advocates associated with the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness for meetings with Members of Parliament) there was an opportunity to write about the unfortunate public relations dynamics nonprofit organizations and municipalities may face when attempting to address the growing homelessness catastrophe. Every community is unique, but what is occurring in this Pasadena neighbourhood carries lessons and learning applicable to all.


Fixing the mess in Texas: lessons to learn about quality in human services! (How to break them, how to fix them)

“Neither the abuse and neglect of children nor the inadequacies of the systems meant to protect them are unique to Texas, and this makes the state’s pursuit of reforms worthy of additional study. As reductions in staff turnover and expected improvements in education and training continue, NPQ readers know exactly what these investments will reveal: Quality workers lead to quality outcomes, and the only way to keep and sustain a quality workforce is to pay and support them adequately—and that requires advocacy from more than just the groups involved.”