NPQ North: Senate of Canada “Roadmap to a Stronger Charitable Sector” mostly points in the right directions – but does anybody care?

It’s been a few weeks since the last NPQ North installment, and you might think a Senate of Canada report is a bit heavy for a summer read, but if you are at all involved or interested in the nonprofit and charitable sector, it’s actually pretty fascinating. You can also start out with my review of the report and see if you feel compelled to read further!

One of the more interesting issues is the status of religious organizations who receive the full tax benefits of charitable status but without the same requirements and oversight as other charities. The Senate report stops short of recommending a change but leaves the door open as well – what do you think?




We have an Accessible Canada Act! Did you notice? What will it mean for the more than 20% of Canadians with disabilities?

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